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I’ve created this section for health professionals and key workers to offer liquid soap and hand sanitiser at a reduced rate. 

I am a tiny, self employed soap maker, going for less than a year. It’s just me funding this.

I make everything myself in small batches in Aboyne, so please bear with me as production is slow, however I’m scheduled to make this coming week w/c 23.03.20.

I make these products for personal use, so neither of them have gone through the ‘official’ testing procedure that everything else I sell has gone through. However, I can reassure you that I am an experienced soapmaker, have adhered to recipes and calculated the quantity of ingredients accurately to ensure they are safe to use.

The testing process takes up to 6 weeks, so under the circumstances I’ve made a decision to make these available without testing. I will leave it to your discretion whether or not you wish to use them. 

Liquid Soap

I realise that liquid soap is preferable, so I’d like to offer this one which is gentler on hands than some surfacant based soaps. It is made with 100% organic coconut oil and potassium hydroxide, and I add Aloe Vera and glycerin to make the formula more moisturising. 

Hand Sanitiser 

The is made with Ethyl Alcohol and Aloe Vera gel and includes Tea Tree, Sweet Orange and Bergamot essential oils. It is much less harsh on the skin than the WHO formulation, and is juse under 75% alcohol. 


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