I am so fortunate to have grown up on The Isle of Skye, with a supportive and loving family. I have always believed I could achieve anything I set my mind to, my Mum’s mindset (thank you Mum). So I left the Island aged 18 to further my studies. I graduated with honours in business and strategy, the world was my oyster :)

Thistle and Clay was born from a gradual realisation of the adverse impact plastic packaging and synthetic products were having on ourselves and (more importantly) our planet. From this came a burning desire to ‘do something’ rather than watching helplessly. So that’s where I am. Doing something that matters. 

As a mother of three very young children, I will do whatever I can to ensure there is a planet for them to enjoy. I’ve always used natural products on their skin, but in the past I found it impossible to find products with the same integrity as my ideals. I made it my goal to create a credible, environmentally sound solution to our skincare needs, one which I could be proud of.

My love of all things ‘skincare’ has continued to grow. I’m constantly developing new products, fuelled by the drive to meet my own high quality expectations with a passion to change the future of skincare going forwards.