Citrus and Spice – ThistleandClay

Citrus and Spice

Lemongrass is strengthening and supporting to the nervous system, great for long term exhaustion. Helpful for aching muscles as it can aid in draining lactic acid and boosting circulation. Useful for oily or acne prone skin in a blend with other oils. 

Sweet orange is refreshing and uplifting, orange oil is like a little bottle of sunshine. It helps soothe anxiety and encourages the appetite and better digestion. Helps clear congested skins. 

Cinnamon is warming and toning to the respiratory system when used in an oil burner. Helps revitalise and restore and has been used as an anti-depressant. Helps stop the spread of infections. Supports the digestive system and eases spasms.

Clove is supportive to healthy respiration. Anti-septic and very cleansing, helping deal with imposing and stuck energy in the body.