Oats & Aboyne Honey
Oats & Aboyne Honey

Oats & Aboyne Honey

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A gentle, Fragrance Free Organic face, body and bath bar with Organic Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Silk, with ground oats and Aboyne local honey. The oats add gentle exfoliation, while the honey makes the bar extra moisturising.

Clays act as detoxifiers and even as light exfoliants in soap. The wide rangle of clays available can benefit an array of skin types. We use clays as natural colourants with additional benefits to the skin. 

White Cosmetic Clay is one of the mildest clays. It is commonly used in skincare preparations and cosmetics because of its gentle nature, mineral content, absorbent properties. 

Suitable for all skin types.

Net Weight: 2.6oz /75g  

Defining Ingredients
Thistle Oil, Shea Butter, White Kaolin Clay and Organic Oats and Aboyne Honey.

Coconut oil*, Shea butter*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Cold Pressed Thistle Oil*, Castor Oil*, Silk peptide, Sodium Lactate, Aloe Vera*, Kaolin Clay, Isopropanol. Ground Oats*, Honey. *Organic